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1.Hair Removal : LASER HAIR REMOVAL E-light ( IPL + RF)

We use now CACI LASER, please click on link to find out more about our new Laser.

Area                                                       Price

Patch Test for clients with voucher is Free

Patch Test                                                £20

Small Area (1 area)

upper lip                                                     £50

chin                                                             £50

up eyebrow                                                £30

hands/feet                                                 £50

toes                                                              £50

nose                                                             £50

nipples                                                        £50

jaw line                                                        £50

Medium Area (1 area)

Under arms                                               £80

Shoulders                                                 £100

Bikini Line                                                 £80

Large Area (2 areas)

Brazilian(without G-string)           £140

Full Face                                                           £10  

  Half legs                                                   £140

half arms                                                   £100

Extra Large Area ( 3 areas)

Full Arms*                                £200

Full Legs*                                    £220 

Hollywood          £220

Full body:12months card unlimited access      £2.500(can not use a voucher for this).

2.Skin Rejuvenation: Skin Rejuvenation using Safe Light Technology (IPL)

Our Skin Rejuvenation treatment rejuvenates the skin using industry renowned light based technology, without the need for injections used in similar procedures. All parts of the skin and body can be treated using the safe, visible light, leaving you looking younger and fresher with the skin feeling smoother by removing age spots, sun damage and diffused redness. Uneven pigmentation is also reduced, many female patients reported that it becomes easier to apply make up following treatment.

This unique technology carefully filters the light to ensure that only clinically relevant wavelengths reach the skin, meaning optimum safety in the procedure. Naturally, the body responds to this safe and visible light to absorb it to the targeted area.

Suitable for All Skin Tones

The skin rejuvenation is based on light absorption in melanin and haemoglobin, therefore treatments are more effective on light skin that is not sun tanned at the time of treatment. However,IPL has pre-programmed settings for each treatment so all skin tones can ensure they will receive the correct energy output for their complexion.

Age spots contain a substance called melanin, and diffuse redness contains a substance called haemoglobin. When cells containing lots of these substances are targeted with the IPL light, they disappear almost immediately.

Painless and Short Skin Treatment

A full-face treatment should take less than 20 minutes and the skin will look rejuvenated after 1-3 treatments, depending on the severity of treatment required. The procedure is painless, although darker skin may experience a sensation similar to that of the warming feeling one has after a day on the beach.

There is no other post-treatment care required other than a sunscreen (minimum SPF30) for a month following treatment.

Area                                Price

Face                               £80

Neck                               £50

Neckline                          £70

Back hands                     £50

Face+Neck+Neckline       £150

3. Wrinkles Removal

The ageing process, sunlight, smoking, environmental pollution and even excessive frowning or smiling damage the skin inevitably resulting in lines and wrinkles. Most people would prefer more youthful looking skin.

As we age the skin becomes stiffer and less elastic and when exposed to repetitive movement of the underlying muscles, wrinkles appear. These effects are most noticeable around the forehead, eyes and lips. Sun exposure accentuates this process and it is noticed at younger ages in patients with lighter skin types. The following changes are visible in the ageing face:

Superficial skin changes:- textural change, discolouration, pigment abnormalities, red blemishes, very fine lines

Superficial wrinkles:- appearing only during the movement of underlying muscles

Deeper wrinkles:- present when the underlying muscles are relaxed and caused by the continual folding and creasing of the skin

Sagging of skin:- caused by loss of deeper fat cushions and bony changes

No single procedure can correct all of the above changes, but a combination approach can often significantly reduce many of the unwanted signs of ageing.

Area                                Price

Face                               £80

Neck                               £50

Neckline                          £70

Back hands                     £50

Face+Neck+Neckline       £150

4.Acne Clearance by Laser (IPL ) from £150

Acne can be a real spot of bother for people of all ages, and at some points in our lives we will all suffer from an outbreak. There are many myths about the causes of acne, most surround diet and hygiene, however neither are accurate, as acne is the skins natural reaction to a hormonal imbalance.Acne is caused by the body’s increased production of the hormone androgen (a male hormone that is present in both men and women), which stimulates the sebaceous gland to produce more oil. The increased production of oil causes pores to become blocked and preventing the oil from coming up to the skins surface. The blocked pore causes bacteria to feed on and break down the oil, spots on the skin’s surface.

Face+Neck+Neckline £150

Treating Acne With Pulsed Laser Technology

Our acne treatment gets straight to the root of the problem. This unique treatment uses specifically selected wavelengths and optimised pulse duration and shape. The light is absorbed by haemoglobin, the red pigment in the blood, which then heats the area producing a minor reaction to the sebaceous glands. This in turn slows down the overall production of oil that leads to acne, thus dramatically reducing the chance of spots and minimising the appearance of pores in general.

A Fast and Non-Invasive Procedure

The best results are achieved on inflammatory acne, best known as the sore, raised, red pimples. The procedure is non-invasive since the applicator only lightly touches the skin’s surface, making it relatively painless. Tolerance of pain is very individual but it has been described by many as the warm feeling one has after a day on the beach.

Including consultation and preparation you should expect to spend 30 minutes in the clinic, making this fast and effective. A typical course of therapy will include four treatments, three weeks apart.

5.Facial Thread Veins from £120

A large proportion of the population suffer from disorders of blood vessels. These range in size from small telangiectasias (small thread veins, spider nevi) to larger Port Wine Stains or birth marks. Most people choose to cover these up with make-up. These skin lesions can cause significant psychological trauma. The IPL treatment offers an effective and clinically proven therapy to remove these lesions.

How does the  IPL system treat Vascular Lesions/Thread Veins? A thread vein is a small blood vessel near the surface of the skin. The IPL operator guides the visible light from the flash-lamp to the blood vessels needing treatment. The unique  IPL system carefully filters this light in two ways to ensure that only light with the correct characteristics (wavelengths) is allowed to reach your skin. Blood contains haemoglobin that absorbs the light and converts it into heat. This heat destroys the protein in the wall of the thread vein. As a result the veins will gradually, and safely, disappear after treatment. To ensure optimal light transmission to the blood vessel, a thin layer of gel (similar to that used in ultrasound examinations) is applied to your skin before treatment.